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Martha Bache-Wiig is a holistic counselor with decades of experience helping individuals, couples and families heal intergenerational trauma and develop new models of sustainable living and mutually supportive relationships.

She has a solid background in clinical and depth psychology and a specialization in Existential Personalistic/Cosmoartistic Anthropology, an approach developed in Italy which helps clients focus not only on the “why” of their problems to gain relief from painful symptoms, but the “why” behind their healing, which is equally important. 

Her eclectic approach honors the uniqueness of each individual and aims to help clients become attuned to their deepest Self and its urgings for full self-actualization and expression. As a highly sensitive empath herself, she is particularly skilled at helping people understand how to loosen negative family and cultural conditioning and learn how to take care of their own needs while following the call of their deepest existential “dreams” and desires.

Sessions with Martha can incorporate a variety of tools depending on the client’s needs in the moment, including narrative therapy, experiential somatic/emotional techniques, guided visualizations, Family Constellations, and Psych-K and other energy healing approaches such as Pranic Healing. 

Martha is also a seasoned astrologer and incorporates Evolutionary Astrology and Human Design readings in her work with clients when appropriate and offers standalone readings on request. 

Her many years living, working and studying in Italy has made her sensitive to the beauty and the challenges found in intercultural experiences, and she has coached many people dealing with intercultural relationship issues, and with handling the difficulties inherent in immigration situations, or long-distance moves made for personal or career purposes.  

To encourage the kind of mutual growth that in-depth intercultural exchanges can bring she has also developed a model of personalized, full-immersion travel experiences in Calabria, the “toe” of the Italian Peninsula, which was her home for over two decades and remains an important part of her personal and professional life. 

She offers sessions online and in person and will be seeing clients at Pathways Wellness in Delafield as well as her office in North Prairie beginning in November 2023. Starting in January of 2024 she will also be offering in person and online group Family Constellations sessions.

For more information or to schedule, email, call or visit Martha online.


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