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HypnoTHERAPY - Why this Therapy is so Successful

Hypnosis, a term coined in 1842, has been a part of human life for centuries. The speed of change a person experiences with Hypnosis is far is greater than any other form of therapy, especially when dealing with fears, phobias and habit changes.

To dispel some myths surrounding Hypnosis, I emphasize not all people can become hypnotized. Intelligence does have a determining factor with hypnotism. The more intelligent a person is, the easier it is to focus concentration and become hypnotized. You are not unconscious, out of control, or going to reveal your deepest, innermost secrets when you are hypnotized.

Some basic, enlightening facts about hypnosis include its being a most safe and natural agent for change. There are no drugs involved and there are no negative side effects. Daydreaming, meditation or being “lost in thought” are all considered forms of hypnosis.

Laboratory results show brain waves of a person under hypnosis as being not asleep (Delta waves) and not fully awake (beta waves). They are in-between and register as alpha-theta brain waves. The subconscious (habitual) mind registers and remembers everything. Hypnosis allows the subconscious mind and the conscious mind to bridge and connect. It allows for the creation of new neural pathways to get old thoughts and thinking patterns out of their ruts. This allows for more rapid, powerful personal changes.

Hypnosis is useful for many different purposes. Clients find great success with weight loss and weight management, anxiety and stress reduction, controlling fear, managing pain, limiting the side effects of chemotherapy, sports performance enhancement, increased focus and concentration, better study habits, easier, safe and more comfortable child birth, smoking cessation and releasing bad habits and addictions. The possibilities with hypnotism are endless!

In order to change your world, you must change your thoughts and your ways of thinking. Hypnosis is the best and quickest way to succeed!

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