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Woods on Water

Lisa Anne opened Pathways Wellness in the summer of 2014. ​It was a long, sought after

dream to find a space that could offer both the beauty of the outdoors along with the right

people to fill the beauty of the indoor space.

This vision is based upon the concept that collected, like-minded people can create

amazing, beautiful things together, aligned

with the same purpose and vision.

Pathways Wellness is a

full-service wellness center located

in beautiful downtown

Delafield, Wisconsin. 

Explore our many gifted practitioners and monthly events to find the right fit for you.

Our intention is to offer you many

Pathways to wellness.

Experience Wellness in a Whole New Light!

Our intention is not to offer one way, but many Pathways to wellness.
Together...we create so much more. 
May you be blessed on your path.



Our practitioners are here for your mind, body and spirit. 

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