In 2020 we are facing a lot more unknowns that can often leave us feeling a lack of control in our lives.
A respected friend of mine said, "My coach says to 'Control what we can control.' " Priceless wisdom and good reminder....

Many times I have worked with patients experiencing recurring leg pain. They often have had it treated before with some success but are frustrated by the frequent recurrence of their symptoms. Oftentimes, only the area of


January 5, 2019

   Happy New Year! I am Dr. Jennifer Dotto DC CCSP. I am thrilled to join the Pathways of Light Wellness Community. I’d like to share the philosophy and the healing services offered at Wild Willow Natural Medicine. Healing i...

Look around you right now. Where are you feeling that heavy ache of something more? Where are you consistently making the same mistakes and creating unnecessary unhappiness? What is your intuition (your heart) saying to you?...

I would like to introduce you to an ancient practice of self-care for women, vaginal steam therapy. Quite simply, this is the use of steam to bring medicine to the perineum, vagina and womb. This practice is found in every re...

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