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Pathways Community Partnership Program

Wellness Minded Practitioners, Holistic Healers:

Spread the Word About Your Offerings!
Become a Pathways Community Partner!

Are you working out of your home, doing more and more remote sessions?
Would you like more exposure for your business and a like-minded community of other wellness professionals to network and grow with? 

This is a new and exciting opportunity that has presented itself to Pathways and to you! 
With the change in how people are seeking healing and businesses aligning to keep up in today's world, we are opening our "virtual" doors and would love to welcome you to become a Pathways Community Partner. 

What Does Being a Pathways Community Partner Mean? 

  • You and your business information along with website/social media links and contact information will be listed on the Pathways Wellness Website as well as in the monthly newsletter.

  • You will have an opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise by contributing articles, wellness tips and more to the Pathways monthly newsletter. These will also be shared to the Pathways Wellness blog. 

  • Your business cards will be displayed, and your business advertised at Pathways Wellness in downtown Delafield.

  • You will be a part of the Pathways Community and invited to monthly meetings (virtual for now).

  • You will receive the ability to rent space at Pathways Wellness at a discounted rate. 

For inclusion rates and to learn more, contact Lisa Anne at 262-361-2056 or by email.

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