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Create your own Custom Wellness Retreat!

You and two friends choose three of our wonderfully gifted practitioners or healers and enjoy a 50 minute session with each of them. 

Choose different offerings, opt to do group sessions or a combination of both. Schedule your Custom Retreat from Noon to 3:00 p.m. on a day of your choosing. $300 per individual.

Make the most of your retreat day 

Come early, settle in and set your intentions for the afternoon or stay after to chat with your party or quietly reflect while enjoying the beautiful outdoor spaces of Pathways including the patio, hammock, sitting areas, woods, and our labyrinth.



  • Crystal Bowl Healing with Wendy Kohlhaas of Celestial Sounds. Open, clear and rebalance your body with the powerful pure sounds of Crystal Gemstone Healing Bowls. Group or Individual.


  • Light Therapy with Kelly Kehl of Northern Enlightenment. Receive Immune Support and a Spinal Relax as Infra Red, Ultraviolet or colored lights are focused on your acu-points. Group or individual.


  • Goddess Session with Joelle Peterson of Golden Spark Healing. Remove negative energy & obstacles: emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically. Healing modalities may include: Nourishing Touch, Emotion Code, Fire Reiki, Pendulum healing, crystal healing and Aromatherapy. Individual.


  • Life Coach Tune-Up with Psychotherapist, Sandra Betka. Feeling stuck? Get a mini tune-up and bring clarity to your life's burning questions. Individual.


  • Massage & Vibrational Sound Therapy with Mary Beth Rezek of Profoundly Peaceful Massage & Yoga. Enjoy deep and restorative relaxation with 25 minutes Vibrational Sound Therapy (singing bowls on the body) and de-stress your body with 25 minutes of Swedish Massage. Individual.

  • Medical Intuitive Reading with Sara Joy of Joyful Heart Wellness. Have your energetic circuitry read so issues can be repaired and blockages removed. You will also receive personal-to-you tools for ongoing healing, health, and heart-centered transformation. Individual.


  • Psychic Soul Coaching with Energy Therapy with Laura Dodge of Soulflower Wisdom. Receive an Aura Energy Scan and messages from Spirit. Laura uses clairvoyance (visual images), clairaudience (words and phrases) and claircognizance (knowing) to guide you to release an energy block. Receive practical tools for release, personal integration, transformation and Self-empowerment. Individual.


  • Reiki with Debbie Greib of Heal Within Reiki. Alleviate many physical and spiritual ailments by re-centering and balancing your body's energy system. Group or individual.


  • Reiki & Crystal Bowl Healing Combo with Wendy Kohlhaas and Debbie Grieb. Nurture yourself with the soothing vibrations of Gemstone Crystal Bowls and Reiki energy and open the pathways of healing. Group or individual.

Please select three 1st choice and three 2nd choice options for each person in your Custom Wellness Retreat party.


Please have a first and second choice of practitioner/healer ready when you

schedule your Custom Wellness Retreat.


Thanks! Message sent.

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