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Lela Harris

Centauride's Arrow

Lela first answered her calling to be a healer in 2017 when she enrolled in a Sound Healing Certificate Program. When she completed the program in March of 2018 she found in herself a deep longing to work with sound and energy to help others to heal themselves in mind, body and soul. Her interest and intrinsic desire to learn were ignited and Lela began practicing sound healing modalities on her family and friends while also attending classes and trainings to expand her knowledge and healing practice. Lela has completed trainings regarding crystal healing, chakra healing, astrology, classes to expand intuition and spiritual connection, essential oils as well as the VitaFlex technique and continues to educate herself and develop her skills. In May 2019, Lela obtained her Reiki Level 2 attunement and she began Centauride’s Arrow, LLC in July 2019. 

Centauride’s Arrow offers Reiki and targeted vibrational healing sessions to individuals and small groups using tuning forks, Tibetan singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, drums and other sound/vibration instruments. For those who are interested, a voice analysis using Voice Analysis Harmony software can be added to any healing session. Voice Analysis Harmony software was developed in 2009 by a natropathic doctor and medical researcher and is used as a diagnostic tool to identify the keynote frequencies in your voice that are missing or faint. Each organ or system in our body has a keynote frequency, so identifying notes that are missing or low can help us identify systems/organs in need. Additionally, lacking any keynote frequency is associated with different negative emotional states. Once the needed frequencies are identified the healing session can be designed to help replace or replenish the missing frequency (ies) in order to restore balance to the physical and/or emotional system in need. 

Email or call Lela to schedule a Reiki and/or vibrational healing session.


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