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Empowering Women with the Ancient Practice of Vaginal Steam Therapy

I would like to introduce you to an ancient practice of self-care for women, vaginal steam therapy. Quite simply, this is the use of steam to bring medicine to the perineum, vagina and womb. This practice is found in every region of the world but is most common in South Korea. Traditionally, it has been used by midwives as part of postpartum care to clean out the womb and tighten and tone reproductive organs after childbirth. It is also an effective therapy for treating a wide variety of conditions that women experience today

To name a few:

· Painful periods

· Irregular periods

· Fibroids & cysts

· Infertility

· Lack of libido

· Dryness

· Infections

· Hot flashes & night sweats

· Disconnection from feminine energies

· Stored emotions & trauma in the womb

I studied and received a certification from Keli Garza of the Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute. In her experience working with over 600 clients, fibroids have shrunk and fallen out, cysts have cleared up and surgeries have been cancelled as a result of vaginal steam therapy.

A tailored protocol consists of a specific steaming duration and frequency as well as an herbal blend based on the symptoms you experience. Generally speaking, most women can steam each month after their period. This allows for a full cleansing of the womb and helps regulate your next period. Vaginal steaming therapy not a one size fits all kind of therapy. It is also not for everyone. Those who are pregnant or menstruating should not steam. There are also contraindications for women using certain types of birth control, active infections and hot flashes. It is best to consult with a certified practitioner for a customized protocol.

Vaginal steam therapy is a comfortable, soothing and contemplative experience. Here is a testimonial from a client of mine:

“I recently experienced my first vaginal steam at Ali Ali Healing. During the treatment, I felt a sense of letting go and energetic release, and I felt a lightness in my body for the rest of the day. The treatment was intended to clear heat and relieve hot flashes/night sweats, and I noticed an immediate difference in this.” C.T.

With love and gratitude, Ali

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