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When was the last time you connected with your inner child?

by Alison Ali, Ali Ali Healing

Inner child healing is such an important part of the journey. Most, if not all of us, are toldover and over again as a child to focus, to be serious, to pay attention, to stop "playing around." Our inner child becomes repressed with all this conditioning.

In our own divine timing, we find our attention going back to our inner child. We might look at old photos or we might just know that something is "up."

When was the last time you played? When was the last time you stood in nature and took in the wonderment that is a mushroom or a drop of dew on flower petal? Your inner child is BEGGING to be allowed to spontaneously express through you.

Stop at that playground, go down the slide! Swing on the swings. Run after a butterfly until you are breathless.

Do you remember what you were drawn to as a child? Re-engage with one of those activities. Re-read a favorite childhood book. Draw a picture. Build a lego creation. I invite you to do one thing this week to express your inner child.

If this idea sounds impossible and/or you'd like some support to let your inner child fly free, let's connect. Life is not meant to be so serious all the time!


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